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Greta Thunberg lambasts leaders over climate crisis

Related eBooks Greta Thunberg has excoriated global leaders over their promises to address the climate emergency, dismissing them as “blah, blah, blah”. She quoted statements by Boris Johnson: “This is not some expensive, politically correct, green act of bunny hugging”, and Narendra Modi: “Fighting climate change calls for innovation, cooperation and willpower” but said the…Read More→

Fauci warns US could ‘really be in trouble’ from variant worse than Delta

The director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, warned that more dangerous coronavirus variants could spawn if the US does not greatly increase the number of people who are vaccinated. He said that the US would “really be in trouble” if a variant with the same…Read More→

Popular vlogger Nas Daily under fire for ‘exploiting’ PH culture

Nuseir Yassin, also known as Nas Daily, is under fire online for allegedly exploiting Filipino culture. First was from the granddaughter of legendary tattoo artist Apo Whang-od, Gracia Palicas, who posted in a Facebook group “Tattooed by Apo-Whang-od” that Yassin’s Whang-od Academy for Tattooing is fake. “Warning! Whang-od Academy is a scam,” she wrote on Wednesday….Read More→

50% of Indian Americans experienced discrimination in past year, study finds

One in 2 Indian Americans say they have encountered discrimination in the U.S. in the last year, according to a new study. Colorism against darker-skinned people is the most common form of bias encountered, according to respondents, and the main perpetrators are non-Indian. The report, released Wednesday by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, drew on…Read More→

Women, Girls and LGBT Fight for Rights in Myanmar: “We Have to Win This Time”

Myanmar has endured more than five decades of military dictatorship, beginning in 1948 when the country gained independence from British rule. The nation temporarily transitioned to civilian leadership in 2011. Under the civilian rule, repression loosened. More women were elected to the parliament in the last elections than in the prior election. Extreme in their chauvinistic ideology, police…Read More→

Chinese-Australians ‘experience discrimination’ amid diplomatic tensions and pandemic

One in five Chinese-Australians have reported being attacked or physically threatened because of their heritage in the past year, a think tank report said. Respondents told the Lowy Institute survey that the COVID-19 pandemic and Australia’s diplomatic disputes with China have contributed to their treatment. About a third of people surveyed said they were treated differently or less favorably because of…Read More→