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BioNTech went from a little-known biotech company to making the Covid antibody

Related eBooks It was Jan. 24, 2020 when BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin knew that Covid-19 was likely to gotten to be a worldwide widespread. In spite of the fact that it was over a month and a half some time recently the World Wellbeing Organization authoritatively announced a widespread, Sahin met with his spouse, BioNTech’s co-founder and chief restorative officer Özlem Türeci. Together, they concurred to divert most of the company’s assets to creating a antibody. He drawn nearer me and clarified his considerations and his…Read More→

‘Being online has helped us survive’: how e-commerce can kickstart your small business in lockdown – and beyond

With traditional retail channels closed to many small businesses, taking business online has been their only source of revenue. Photograph: visualspace/Getty Images Starting a business and planning for its future once involved bricks and mortar, shelves, tills and customers walking through your door. Not so today. Even before the coronavirus lockdown limited people’s trips to…Read More→

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14 Effective Ways CEOs Can Support Their Marketing Teams

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